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DNS Servers no longer syncing up

The DNS Servers of BT do NOT seem to be updating, as illustrated that the IP address for my Dynamic DNS is no longer being updated on the BT DNS Servers, but is replicating correctly to EVERY other DNS I try, including Google, Cloudfare and even Virgin.

To explain, if I do a lookup of the url from command prompt (I've changed the actual dns url as this is a forum after all :)) I get an OLD IP address returned:

  • nslookup

 However using googles equivelent DNS, i get the correct one:

  • nslookup


I've double checked this from both inside my network and from outside, using dns from my workplace over a VPN and checking the DNS servers directly using the Windows OS commands above, as my workplace ALSO has BT, I've confirmed that a check from that location also produces the wrong IP address.

Has anyone got a number for the Engineers at BT, as the helpdesk on the phone have NO WAY TO RAISE THIS WITH THE ENGINEERS IN BT (I know...weird huh?)

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