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Deja Vu: New BT Hub crashing, can/should I take BT to small claims?


Just moved into a new place. Signed up for BT, got a new hub and I've found its crashing / kicking devices.

Thing is, I don't think there's anything wrong with the hub or the connection, I just think that BT can't make a hub.

I've never heard good things about BT's Hubs, personal experience of them is poor. I have too much experience with them, I've done the usual workarounds (splitting bands, turning off BT Fon, etc.).

My main question today is - should I consider it a courtesy for BT to supply an unstable Hub for a tenner (that said, it's subsidised) or expect more from them?

I know that if I get in touch with BT they'll just resupply another BT Smart Hub 6 which will crash in all the same ways. I've been through that before, just not as a billpayer. The connection at my parent's is awful, they've had a replacement hub, same with my partner's place - several other people I know, same story. Same reports all over the internet.

Do I have any grounds on which to take BT to small claims and ask them to supply an aftermarket hub? Seems drastic but I can't afford a new hub since I'm poor but I can afford the costs of a small claims case. And I don't want the stress of another unstable connection, I know BT support will have me running in circles but I'm gonna take a wild guess and say a non-BT router will likely work flawlessly.

I'm saying this because - in my opinion - BT should really supply a functioning router as part of the service/package they're offering. Is that fair or am I playing too offensive?
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Re: Deja Vu: New BT Hub crashing, can/should I take BT to small claims?

I am no fan of the BT Hubs but in response to your post I would say:-

First of all you can get a VDSL Modem/router for about £30 and it costs £35 to lodge a claim at the Small Claims court so your comment about taking BT to the small claims court being cheaper is not correct. You might not  win and have to pay costs to BT.

Second: Have you established that it is the hub that is faulty and not your actual connection, your equipment or internal wiring or some other source such as interference. Until you have done that you are only guessing it is a hub problem. 




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Re: Deja Vu: New BT Hub crashing, can/should I take BT to small claims?

the probablility od continually getting a faulty hub is remote so I agree with @gg30340 should be more looking into your connection and checking your line as that is more likely to cause problem.

I have used many hubs at varying times and never had the problems you descibe  there are many people who do have hub problems and who post on the forum but based on number of hubs in use and my own experience they are the minority

if you want help from forum then post stats from your hub

check quiet line test

are you using the test socket with a filter to eliminate internal wiring and faceplate from causing problems

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