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Do the Wi-FI extending discs give a "proper" Wi-Fi signal?

We got some of the discs a while back and everything is fine, signal goes everywhere and no dead spots where we had them before.

But I have noticed a couple of funnies and at first never really thought about it but now I was thinking it might be the discs.

Firstly whenever I print over Wi-Fi I always get a "printer offline" message but just waiting a little while  and the printer springs into life and the document comes out. Before the discs things would print normally almost straight away.

And I was setting up a Google Home Mini in a bedroom with a disc in it but the setup would not compete, took it downstairs to the room with the router in it and the setup finished OK and now it is back up in the bedroom working fine.

Obviously the printing is done from my Windows 11 laptop and that is applying updates all the time so it is possible something has changed there but just curious if anyone else has had similar things happen.

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