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Download speed from 10mbps to 0.01mbps overnight

So I'm a new BT Total Broadband customer who recently switched from TalkTalk. I am also a BT Openreach Engineer who installs, repairs and maintains ADSL and fibre=optic (infinity) broadband connections.


Just noticed that the broadband package I signed up to allows downloads of up to 10GB per month (so 1 DVD worth of downloads, in the 21st century? really?) and I recently recieved an email today saying I had gone past 7GB already (BT broadband has only been on for a few days). Problem is, my connection now runs so slowly (0.01mbps) that it doesn't provide me with a connection at all!

Is this standard BT procedure? Dont directly inform customers of their download limits, then when they inevitably exceed them you just disconnect the service, and charge them £1 for every 1gb over their quota they use? I have a 10gb download limit for my mobile phone, that costs me £5 a month. So already my mobile data charges are 50% cheaper than my home broadband connection?!


Today is bank holiday monday, so I can't get online, can't contact anyone in customer service, and I have no broadband. I have placed an order for BT Infinity to be installed in a couple of weeks time, but even with that, if I then exceed my 40gb allowance will the same thing happen? Ie BT just disconnect my service until my quota for next month renews?

Any information would be very helpful. I think if my own employer is stitching me up within the first few days of me paying for their service, then I'll just go back to TalkTalk who never gave me any issues like this.

Any help/info/anecdotes would be helpful, if im going to cancel this service then i'd rather know sooner than later...

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Re: Download speed from 10mbps to 0.01mbps overnight

you are charged in 5.00 blocks of 5gb for any data over your allowance the download limits are clearly shown on the BT website the package you take is your choice if you are on a 10gb package then that was your decision not BT's

if you are a new bt customer you are also in a ten day line training period
hence your speed and of course as your line is activated you are in contract which will now cost you to cancel
your service is not disconnected for over usage
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Re: Download speed from 10mbps to 0.01mbps overnight

Just to add a bit to John's advice, BT don't charge extra the first time a customer exceeds their usage limit. So you do at least get the opportunity to upgrade before it costs.

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