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Draytek Vigor 130 - Stuck in TRAINING

Bought a Draytek Vigor 130 with the intention to run it in bridge mode with my Google Wifi pucks, apropos achieving IPv6 ((C) Alan Partridge). Replacing the Smart Hub, which doesn't support bridge, should enable G-WiFi to pickup the prefix information.

However, the problem is the Draytek does not stay in SHOWTIME mode for more than say 10 seconds. Keeps dropping to TRAINING. Factory reset the device, explicitly set VDSL2 and tried a few firmwares.

Any ideas how to have some joy? I'm on BT Infinity. 

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Re: Draytek Vigor 130 - Stuck in TRAINING

I've nothing much to add. Check you've got the latest firmware (3_8_4_BT). There are instructions on the Draytek website on how to do a factory reset at the same time you reload the firmware using the TFTP mode using the .rst firmware.

(you'll need a Draytek support account)

It really should sync out of the box so I guess just to be sure go back to the Homehub and check that is still Ok. If it is then get back onto Draytek support who will insist you do the whole factory reset again before sending you an RMA.

There are a few grumbles on here about the Vigor 130 if you search. I haven't had a lot of luck with mine (different issue won't keep the PPPoE link with the router for more than a day) and I'm just going through the RMA process but I'm hoping it's just a bad unit.

Good luck.


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Re: Draytek Vigor 130 - Stuck in TRAINING

Thanks. Yes, exactly what Draytek support said. No dice. Since it's new I'll get another from where I ordered rather than a draytek repair.

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