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Dropping Broadband

So i tried to sort this out on the text chat but was getting no where.

My broadband is sporadically dropping connection.  When this happens my router light (smart hub 6) changes colours - sometimes it will go green or purple.  If i leave it eventually it will reconnect.  If i reset the hub manually it will reconnect.  This happens multiple times a day, and then not at all as i said its sporadic.  Please dont confuse this for a wireless v wired issue, i lose all internet when this happens - the router has basically stopped functioning.  I have carried out the generic tests and nothing improves.  My router is sitting on a table at the side of my living room (almost middle of the home), there are no extention cables its a direct connection to the master socket.  I will be watching netflix (wired connection) and the internet will just stop and can take me up to 10 mins to get back on line.  Its eternally frustrating.

When i contacted BT the chap seemed to be reading from a script and no inclination to devate either.  When i explained the internet at this moment and time was working he asked me to change the ethernet port i was using and see if this improved things.  When i asked for which item as i have a couple plugged in his respose was yes.

Does anyone have any idea what might be the issue?  I refuse to see this as my issue as the router itself is essiantially restarting and dont believe i could cause that.

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Re: Dropping Broadband

Post stats from hh6  advanced settings then technical log information 

by generic test did that include connecting to test socket with a filter?  Or did you do quiet line test?

enter phone number and post results remember delete number

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