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Epic Games/Fortnite/BT local wifi Blocking

My son, along with many others play fortnite on BT superfast fibre. Lately he has had some connection issues and two days ago he has been unable to connect to the Epic games server at all. So I tried restarting the hub/ipad to no avail. I restored the router to factory settings via the UI, not working. Note that everything else seems to work except Fortnite and some of the epic site pages will not load. PUBG works fine. XBOX works fine on Fortnite.

Tried the following.

1 Reboot router

2 Restore Router

3 Delete fortnite, reinstall. (Had to download on mobile data and refused to connect even to download)

4 Then found out that all ios devices in house cannot connect to epic servers.

5 Turned off family protection filter.

6 Found out then that I can connect and play when connected to mobile data, acts normally.

7 Called BT, did all the same again (usual script) and he came up with a silly excuse that BT are having some security issues with Epic and to wait a few days and try again. I know this was a load of rubbish but couldn't be bothered to argue as it was only 10 minutes until the end of his shift, he obviously made that excuse up so he could go home on time.  

8 Went to my neighbour, who is on BT, works there!

9 Went to work, works there! So obviously his excuse was a load of nonsense.

Has anyone got any idea of what to try next?

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Re: Epic Games/Fortnite/BT local wifi Blocking

If it is only the one website that you are having a problem with the following will probably not help but it is worth doing in any event.

When you carried out the factory reset on the  BT hub did you make sure you turn off "smart setup" on the BT hub? 

See link how to do that.

Some devices have a problem with the Homehub dual band having the same SSid (name). You should try splitting them.

See links

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