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Event/Technical Logs in BT Home Hub5 / Busines SMart Hub 6

My experience of these two routers is that the logging doesn't work properly.  I have witnessed different malfunctions:


1. The logging of events, which are presumed to be happening, is not occurring

2. Timeline of log entries non-sensical

3. Different views of the same logged period showing different message sequences


Has anybody else seen anything similar?


I have log files for our new router, a Smart Hub 6, which we received only last week.


When I looked at its technical log this afternoon 19th Feb, I found that there were no log entries since 3:32:29 am on Saturday 17th Feb, save for a single entry timed at 00:00:28 01 Jan (see below).  In other words over a period of more than 60 hours the router logged nothing and when it did resume logging the time stamps given to the log entries were nonsensical.


I refreshing the view and viewing from another PC but saw the same contents (as you would hope/expect)


I eventually decided to issue a Reset from the GUI.  When the machine was back up it had logged new messages.  A sequence of those were dated 01 Jan, then the most recent few were dated 19 Feb.  Surely these hubs don't lose their time of day when they are reset.  Questions and suspicious bits of logs are in bold.


Q1. Why is the last entry timed at 00:00:28. 01 Jan?  Given that this log was collected today 19th Jan at 15:38 isn't the absence of more recently timed messages strange.


00:00:28, 01 Jan.,:WAN: ethernet as LAN
03:32:29, 17 Feb.,Mobile resilience initiated : 0 dBm
03:32:29, 17 Feb.,dsl:VDSL Link Down: duration was 2391 seconds
03:32:29, 17 Feb.,:VLAN VLAN_DATA disconnected 


Q2.  After the GUI Reset the log continues on from the one above but there is a tranch of entries logged as 01, Jan between the last sensibly timed message from Saturday (03:32:29, 17 Feb) and the first sensibly timed message for today Monday (16:06:05, 19 Feb)


After issuing a reset this afternoon, I collected the Technical Log again, its contents are as follows:


16:36:58, 19 Feb.,:HTTP UserAdmin login from successfully
16:36:48, 19 Feb.,:HTTP UserBasic login from successfully
16:30:01, 19 Feb.,: HTTP UserAdmin timeout from
16:14:30, 19 Feb.,:HTTP UserAdmin login from successfully


................... multiple messages removed because of character limit


16:06:09, 19 Feb.,ppp1: Allocated prefix = 2a00:23c0:9b03:6200::/56 (valid time = 2026291200 / preferred time = 2026291200)
16:06:07, 19 Feb.,ppp1:TR69 connectivity to ( has been closed
16:06:06, 19 Feb.,ppp1:The WAN DHCPv6 Client Process has successfully been launched on Vlan 36
16:06:05, 19 Feb.,ppp1:The NTP server used is:
00:03:28, 01 Jan.,ppp1:TR69 connectivity to ( has been initiated
00:03:28, 01 Jan.,ppp1:TR69 receiving InformResponse message
00:03:27, 01 Jan.,ppp1:TR69 event found : 4 VALUE CHANGE


..... Messages removed because of character limit


00:00:39, 01 Jan.,wl1:WLAN has been activated (BTBHub6-MP6T) (band : 2.4GHz).
00:00:37, 01 Jan.,wl0:(0/36) Channel Hopping initiated/Manually initiated
00:00:37, 01 Jan.,wl1:(0/1) Channel Hopping initiated/Manually initiated
00:00:36, 01 Jan.,:The Modem has successfully powered up
00:00:36, 01 Jan.,:WDG Laststatus:: # Current boot was caused by Soft Reset (GUI)
00:00:36, 01 Jan.,Mobile resilience ended : RX 0.000000 Mbytes/ TX 0.000000 Mbytes
00:00:29, 01 Jan.,:The Modem underwent a warm reset
00:00:28, 01 Jan.,:WAN: ethernet as LAN 01.01.2013 00:00:24 INF WAN 0 :WAN: ethernet as LAN
03:32:29, 17 Feb.,Mobile resilience initiated : 0 dBm
03:32:29, 17 Feb.,dsl:VDSL Link Down: duration was 2391 seconds
03:32:29, 17 Feb.,:VLAN VLAN_DATA disconnected
03:32:28, 17 Feb.,:Connection to the Internet has been terminated.(Reboot,Reconfiguration,forced termination)
03:32:28, 17 Feb.,BR_LAN:The LAN DHCPv6 Server is active 

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