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Experiences of a new customer - Smart Hub 6 - Various issues

Hi there,


First post, please be gentle.


So, we are new customer to BT - we have Infinity 1 with BT TV plus phone etc.  We have the new Smart Hub 6 and to be honest, I have had nothing but bother with it since it arrived.  It basically doesn't seem to like any kind of home networking products. We have a pretty simple setup and the Smart Hub has the following connected:


  • Now TV box
  • BT TV box
  • Amazon FireStick
  • Synology DiskStation DS212J Network Attached Storage - fully patched and up to date
  • Various WiFi enabled devices - couple of iPhones and laptops

My original plan was to put the DiskStation somewhere else in the house just because it is essentially a large hard drive that spins up and has flashing LEDs on the front and it annoys the Commander-in-Chief Home Command.  So, I bought some TP Link 1200mbps powerline adapters, moved the DiskStation into a room upstairs, established the link between the Smart Hub and the DiskStation via the new powerline adapters....and then the internet connection stops and drops for no apparent reason.  OK, I thought, I will try plugging my laptop into the powerline adapter and then adapter to the Smart Hub - same result - connection drops and stops.


I get the same result if I plug a NetGear gigabit 5 port switch into the router directly as well which isn't an uncommon requirement when you have more devices than LAN ports available on the issued BT router.


So, I have been forced to have the DiskStation connected directly into the Smart Hub in the living room (much to the annoyance of CinC Home Command) with the relevant settings and port forwarding and it is working just fine - after a LOT of fiddling and faffing with LAN settings, DHCP, DNS etc etc.  Turns out the Smart Hub most defintely doesn't like me setting the DiskStation with a static IP address on the device itself and using Google DNS seems to sort a lot of issues out as well.


However, I find it baffling that Smart Hub doesn't seem to allow you to use powerline adapters or network switches - these aren't exactly uncommon and I certainly didn't experience these issues with the previous ISP and their proprietary box (Sky ISP with their router).


So, thought me, I will bin the Smart Hub and use a TP Link TD-W8990 VDSL router instead.  When I use the same physical configuration, we were experiencing constant drop outs between the router and BT Infinity connection - even if I unplug everything and just stream to, say, the BT TV box.


Thinking the router firmware may be at fault, I updated the router to the correct latest firmware, no improvement and the system log indicated that the connection was indeed dropping and reconnecting at two minute intervals.  Did a factory reset and quick connection using all the right details including the VLI stuff for the BT TV box etc and still no joy and the connection was up and down like a yoyo.  A lot of the drop out issues also seemed to be associated with a specific time frame which was around 2100 hrs daily.


Saying all of this, however, the router was second hand so it might well be faulty so I have reverted back to the BT Smart Hub and everything (touch wood) seems to be well and I have had a stable connection for 


The message that I seem to be getting is that the Smart Hub is essentially pretty rubbish if you are looking to do anything even slightly different from what BT expect a typical home user to do - and to be fair I don't think I am trying to do anything particularly complex with a NAS box and other devices for streaming and perhaps using a network unmanaged switch to expand the number of LAN ports I have available to me.  And the powerline issue is just baffling!


I appreciate that everyone is going to say "Go and buy an Asus/Netgear [insert other manufacturers as required]...blah blah...mega expensive £150-200 router...blah blah...and it will work fine" - but I really shouldn't have to do that should I?


Clearly, having done a LOT of reading on these and other forums, the Smart Hub 6 needs some serious work to bring it up to par.  I am happy that a. I finally have access back to my NAS again and b. that the connection issues we experienced aooear to have been fixed (physical line issues which were resulting in us getting 20-24mbps if we were lucky) and c. that CinC Home Command can stream whatever it is that she wants and d. that the WiFi coverage is actually very good - but I still want to be able to use powerline adapters and switches without the Smart Hub having a meltdown.


This is less a request for assistance with the issues I have had and more a lesson for those from BT that read these forums - please get your act together and sort out the Smart Hub 6.  It has the potential to be a really good piece of kit, but there are some fundamentals that you need to sort out.  You don't get to dictate to me what devices I plug into my LAN, that's my business - we pay you to provide a functioning internet connection and a router that shares that connection, nothing more.

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Re: Experiences of a new customer - Smart Hub 6 - Various issues

This is a customer to customer self help forum posts made here do not go to BT although the forum is moderated by BT not every post is read
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