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Extender Choices

I have always known I have a couple of 'near dead' areas in my home.  When I had the old broadband (pre fibre) the difference in speeds in the house was marginal.  Now that I have Halo 500 3 the differences are huge when using wi-fi devices.  I can get 300+ at one end of my lounge but at the other end perhaps just 30 mbps.  The router is upstairs as we have a loft studio where my son works from home.  His speeds deteriorate especially in the evenings. We arranged through BT for an engineer to inspect the issue and he did a factory reset of the hub which initially improved things.  He then recommended that we buy a 'set' of extenders - one placed by the router (not sure if this is connected by ethernet), one downstairs and the other in the studio.  He didn't push the BT ones and mentioned buying from Amazon but I didn't really understand what he was suggesting. He may have mentioned 'Mesh' but I am unsure.  Can somebody recommend what to buy and will it improve the coverage.

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Re: Extender Choices

There's many network extenders available, they typically use the house wiring to communicate and are probably the most affordable solution, there are also affordable wi-fi extenders (not recommended) but the best solution would probably be something like the TP-Link Deco M4 V1 (other makes/models are available), these cost a bit more but the difference is worth the extra