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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: FTTP Confusion...

@Badamadam wrote:
Thanks! However my useabe would be part business part residential as my office is in my home!

That would not present a problem, as what you do with the line is up to you. The only thing that would not be available would be the residential BT Vision service, but there is nothing stopping you from using other streaming services.


I have seen leased lines going into home offices, but you would have to be careful of the initial installation charges, although they have come down quite a bit, with the increase in the fibre infrastructure.


It would depend on how much of the cost could be offset against business expenses.


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Re: FTTP Confusion...

If you truely want or need it but say you can't then just shows a lack of ambition and are basically the kind of person who would rather coast through life playing it safe and never taking risks.
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