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FTTP Ultrafast - Speed 50% less than advertised on devices.

Got ultrafast FTTP which said when I purchased I should get 330meg download. I've only seen over 300 once and that was sat right by my router.

Running 2 discs + SH2. Average device speed on speedchecker is 150. Sometime even less (especially on 2.4ghz).

Not to sound picky becuase I'm fortunate to get decent speed but I'm paying for advertised 330; I can't check what speed goes into my hub (FTTP doesn't work on BTs checker, either on the App or via the dekstop link). They assure me I'm getting 330 over the phone. I can't understand how a few devices see a reduction by around 40-50% on average. Have played around with the discs and the best I have had is a one off 254. I have 2 iphones, a macbook, a TV and Xbox connected. I had sky Fibre before and never saw this much of a reduction in speed at all even when playing online on the xbox (70meg advertised FTTC).


Open for any advice as the BT guy I spoke to a few weeks back was a bit rude to me and told me my problem was overloaded discs and he couldn't offer me a solution other than send out the second disc. Even with disc 2 I haven't seen an improvement in speed. Thanks in advance.


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Re: FTTP Ultrafast - Speed 50% less than advertised on devices.

Do they guarantee the speeds over wireless, I always thought it was only on a Wired Connection?