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Faint green, flashing data light on the BT Broadband Extender 600 kit



Recently, my dad purchased the BT Broadban Exetender 600 kit - which has worked for the past few days perfectly without any issues. However, my dad unplugged the main extender plug (that sends data to the hotspots) and since he has plugged it in it hasn't worked. I've unplugged all the plugs, plugged in the extender, the 2 hotspots and yet I can't get connection to the internet.


My initial ideas were to reset the hotspots to factory settings however all the hotspot plugs have green lights for WPS/Linked, Power and WIFI! Huh? It's confusing me. It is acting as if the extender is sending it data. The extender only has a very slight, faint green, blinking light under "data" so surely the hotspots can't recognise it as actually sending data?


Can anyone offer advice? I'm not getting an orange or red light under the data section, as BT suggested would happen if there was an issue, so I'm not sure what to do to move forward.


I apologise if there is any mistakes - grammar wise or technical. I'm, usually, a rather tech savvy person but this issue has, for some reason, completely baffled me. 


Again: The data light on the extender plug is a faint, blinking and green - not orange or red. The hotspot blugs seem fine. All of the lights are on but an devices connected directly to the hotspots (either ethernet or wifi) can't connect to the internet or the BTHub4 page via the IP. Any solutions?


Thanks in advanced 🙂

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Re: Faint green, flashing data light on the BT Broadband Extender 600 kit

Hi @masf03 Sorry your having problems with the extender kit. The user guide and product help desk details can be found here to help you get this fixed.





Community ModeratorJohnC
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