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Fixing lag in games with bandwidth control


I've got a mate who's recently moved to BT, and had a Home Hub 6. When his girlfriend would use Netflix at the same time as him playing games, his ping would spike and the game would become unplayable. I recommended a TP-Link router to him, which has bandwidth control/QoS, in order to alleviate the issue. There's not a lot of guides online so I was trialling and erroring with him until we got something to work:

  • His download is 50Mbps, upload is 10Mbps
  • Address reservation for the Xbox of, with a bandwidth control of 1Kbps to 10000Kbps on upload, and 10000Kbps to 50000Kbps on download, priority 1
  • Address reservation for his Netflix TV of, with a bandwidth control of 1Kbps to 500Kbps on upload, and 1Kbps to 4000Kbps on download, priority 2

This worked for a while and he was getting stable-ish ping while his girlfriend watched the TV, with the occassional spike. However, recently, with nothing changing, his ping's all over the place again. I have a feeling it's because other devices on the network might be having an effect, or the bandwidth control rule we set up is incorrect.

I too have a TP-Link router with bandwidth control, which I need for my Xbox to get stable ping too. But I've found lately that with my rule, my Xbox's download speed is abysmally slow (like 500Kbps-1000Kbps), and so I'm now doubting my bandwidth control rules too.

  • My max download is 20000Kbps, upload is 1000Kbps
  • I have a rule on my Xbox with priority 1, 250-1000Kbps upload and 2500-10000Kbps download
  • I have the same rule for other games consoles but I never use 2 consoles at the same time - normally I'll be streaming football on my computer while I play Xbox, and this is why I needed this rule.

For some reason, despite saying "I want a minimum of 2.5Mbps download on my Xbox!" - I don't get it and I don't know why. I am hoping that somebody can guide me in what I need to do for my bandwidth control to make it so that anything which plays games has priority on the network at all times, while not affecting their download speeds. My thought last night was to reserve addresses for EVERYTHING on the network and set bandwidth control rules up for EVERYTHING too, but make it so that upload is 1-1000Kbps and download is 1-20000Kbps (i.e. the full bandwidth of my network) but set different priorities - would this work?


I've seen @Keith_Beddoe talk about QoS here before: and mentions that the only thing that's important is limiting upload and getting the correct priorities - was hoping to get some clarification on that, if possible, please!

Thanks a lot

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Re: Fixing lag in games with bandwidth control

hi did you manage to fix this problem? Im having the same! netflix causes lag on all gaming

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