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Flat number not showing up to place order

So basically moving to a newly built propery which receives BT Infinity 4. Fibre to home I think it's called. I've already been in the flat and saw the openreach box with the lights on and have contacted Openreach which they've told me the address is basically a gold key and should be fine to connect up without an engineer. Yet everytime I call BT they tell me they can't do anything if the flat number is not on the database and so i cannot place an order. The building only takes fibre and most flats are already on the BT website to place an order. Don't know what to do as we've contacted the building manager and he said everything is fine from his end.

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Re: Flat number not showing up to place order

try writing to openreach and see if they can update their database


you can also try FTTP sales 08005874787

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