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Force Whole Home disc to use wifi connection.


I have the orginal white whole hub system with 6 discs.

I want a connection in our garage but as it is too far away a disc to disc connection will not work.

I have a Ethernet link to the garage but not to the room where the man hub is.

My working solution is

HUB > Disc > via wifi > disc 2 > via ethernet > disc 3 (in garage).

n normal circumstances this works but if we have a power cut of broadband to house goes down (this does happen too frequently) the disc 2 defaults to want to take its signal from the plugged in Ethernet port. But this is connected to the garage disc which now has no internet signal.

Is there a way I can force disc 2 to only take its internet connect from wifi not default when powered up to take it from the cable.

I currently have to reset the system by unpluggng disc 2 waiting for it get a wifi signal then plugging in ethernet cable to send signal to garage.

It only takes a 5 sec drop in internt signal for link to garage to stop even though the rese of the house resets automatically. very annoying as I teach from home ad have to stop class to rest everything.


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