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Fortnite login issues from PS4

My son has been playing Fortnite on his PS4 for several years, but about a month ago started experiencing login issues as the game hung at "Authenticating system login".

After many hours of diagnosis I'm still struggling to resolve the issue, but have identified the following:

  • The issue exists on both wired and wireless connection from the PS4 to our BT Home Hub 3
  • He can log in to Fortnite from my wife's PC on the same network 
  • He can also log in to Fortnite from the PS4 if we connect to the neighbour's wireless... which they have allowed for testing 🙂

This leads me to believe the issue is specific to the PS4 connecting via our BT Broadband. A couple of steps taken to resolve include:

  • Factory reset of the BT Home Hub 3
  • Configuring port forwarding on the BT Home Hub 3 as suggest on Sony's and Epic's web site
  • Switching off BT Web Protect as suggested elsewhere on this forum

I'm now fairly stumped, so any suggestions would be gratefully received!

Thanks, Andy





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Re: Fortnite login issues from PS4

Hi Andy, I'm a parent of a teenager addicted to fortnite too and encountered the exact same issue. One day for no known reason, Fortnite could not log in, always failing at the psn account authentication login part. I work in IT and threw the kitchen sink at this issue but couldn't fix it. No point in phoning epic or BT as they would blame each other no doubt.

Good news is i have a workaround. I can't explain why but this works. The issue is definitely at BT's end or at your home router. God knows which or why.


If you set your mobile phone up as a portable wifi hotspot (in settings/tethering usually), then tell your ps4 to use your phones wifi to connect to the internet, fortnite will login and you will be able to play.

Be very careful to not allow anything (eg other games or system updates)  to update or do downloads while connected to your phone or it will rinse your data allowance. Use your normal internet connection to update all games and fortnite itself before each actual gaming session (when you will use the mobile connection). My boy is gaming away at the moment and not reporting any lag.

Long term i dont know what the fix is, i suspect buying a second cheap router possibly and trying it, but literally had this breakthrough today and had to share with you as if my son is like yours, Fortnite is life or death right now lol


Good luck mate!

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Re: Fortnite login issues from PS4

Hi, thanks for the response.

After a lot of diagnostics with BT we concluded there was an issue with the router,  although BT couldn't explain why a factory reset didn't clear it - I even proved the point by borrowing a neighbour's BT smart hub and connecting it to our line which worked fine.

As a result BT sent me a new Smart Hub 2 which works fine.

If you've still got the issue, I'd suggest talking to support to see if they will provide you with a new hub as well.

Cheers, Andy


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