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Full Fibre 900 Package - Mesh network?

Hi everyone, I've got a couple of questions.

Question 1) I'm soon to be upgrading to the 900 package from BT, this is being installed early next month. At the moment my Sky router is by the TV and next to a window, which is also where the standard filter is / phone connection is. It's not in a brilliant spot, am I able to move the router into the hallway? The problem being is it'll be about a 5m distance from the fibre box when it's installed. Wasn't sure if this was possible, or would I have to keep the router next to the fibre termination box?

In the past and still currently have issues with drop-out connections, slow speeds etc..  This was what i was trying to fix with my first question above. 

Question 2) Are the BT Mini whole home WiFi disks worth it? Does anyone have these with this package? I have a gaming PC which I'd like to get the maximum possible speeds for, but I don't want to compromise download/upload speeds by going over WiFi then Ethernet from the disk to the back of my PC. I'm worried there will be a fair amount speed lost through this way. My other method was to trail an Ethernet cable under the carpet, but would like to avoid this if at all possible, I do like the idea of having a decent meshed network. I'm running powerline adapters at the moment, but the speeds arn't brilliant at all for some reason

Would like to get it all sorted for when the BT internet is activated next month

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Re: Full Fibre 900 Package - Mesh network?

An ethernet connection from the ONT to the router is good for up to 100mts with minimum CAT 5e cable.

There are many people using the mini discs successfully.

Personally, if I was paying for 900mb FTTP I'd be using a decent third party router.

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Re: Full Fibre 900 Package - Mesh network?


Could you please recommend a router for me.

I have BT fitting FTTP shortly.  the box on wall is already fitted (about 4m away from where the smarthub 2 is sitting currently on Halo 1 as they found a block under my driveway and will be having to come back out to lift part of the mono block driveway and fix it "within 3 months"

My original plan was to take the Fibre 100 which at £39,99 is better than what I currently have re speeds (can get 70mb on WIFI on smarthub 2 on Halo 1 (max 76) but was looking to call them and change it to 900.

My thoughts are

1. If I am getting 70 on WIFI even upstairs with smarthub 2 on standard 76mb what would this be on fibre 100 where its up to 150.  

2. Is it worth the extra costs going up to 900.

3. If so what router is best


any help appreciated 

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