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Full WIFI signal on devices, Blue Light on Smarthub type A but connection keeps on dropping out!

Hello all, looking for some advice/help before I lose my mind completely!

I have a smarthub type A, and am signed up to the superfast fibre 2 unlimited package.

I have already contacted BT about the issue with the wifi signal in the house and they talked me through putting through an additional "connection" for the 5ghz?" which helped initially, but my mac doesn't receive any internet connection from that at all but usually connects to the standard one.

My router is located at the front of the house and I live in an old terraced house. My office is at the back of the house and I rely on the wifi to connect a mac mini. I haven't had any issues for the past year, but this week my connection keeps dropping out, we have issues with wifi signals in certain rooms in the house, even though this router is supposed to be one of the best for wifi signals, so I have an additional netgear powerline adapter and a TP link 500mbps powerline adapter upstairs. We can usually get signal everywhere with these in place. On my mac mini it's saying I have full wifi signal but no internet connection on both the 5ghz and the standard one intermittently, I have re-booted the router, the mac and to no avail. I've done a speedtest when I do have wifi and it's coming back between 50-55mbps. I am stumped, and ready to tear my hair out!  Any suggestions? I have searched for ways that I can get an additional broadband line into the back of the house but this seems expensive and complicated as I can't pull up floor boards (rented house) It's not feasible for me to re-locate the office to the front of the house as the room is too small, so I'm stuck at the back. I'm ready to pack up and start spoon widdling in the forest as an alternative to working from home with these issues so any help would be appreciated! I kind of know my way around the basics but i'm not an expert so break it down into simple instructions if you have any for me 🙂


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