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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

hi neil0 , i just got off the phone to BT they said i could have a home hub 4 for £45.99 plus £6.99 delivery or i could have 1 for free if i renewed my contract , the hub i have is well old so really annoyed with BT to the verge of if i renew my contract then i would with someone else as all my yrs with BT  and they want to charge me for a hub , my sons with plusnet but uses a asus RT N66U so he's going to see if he can set it up for me , i did ask the the bt adviser for the details of the login stuff etc but he said i wouldnt be able to use the plusnet router as im on fibre so i mentioned that this is a fbre router but he wouldnt give me any help , which isnt a problem as the net is full of info .


thanks for your offer ill get back to you



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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

I too am getting the problems described above. The wired connection is perfectly fine but for the last month or so the wireless speed drops from 40 to less than a Meg. This is instantly resolved if I power down/reset the router or change the wireless channel (channel selected doesn't matter too much). This lasts anything from a few hours to a day but always drops back to the same low speed. Bt hub 3.

Just been on the phone to bt, they said it must be interference and couldn't do anything (apart from suggest I buy wireless boosters). This set up has been perfectly fine for around a year and a half and nothing has changed at home. With so many people having the exact same issue it does seem like there is an problem

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

@Garydawson wrote:
Just been on the phone to bt, they said it must be interference

Since there are BT staff on here reading this, how can the message that this is BT's own equipment config problem not have made it on to the customer support scripts yet?


PS my HH3 is still going full speed since BT remotely reconfigured it on 1st April.

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

We too have been having issues with our HH3. the actual Wi-fi light does not go off, however the connection most definately does. We have several devices using it, (tablet, phone, xbox) and they all lose connection at once so it is definately the connection and not a device issue.


It also seems to affect our BT Vision playback with us getting a "broadband insufficient" message on screen usually in the evening.


This has been going on since mid january. The devices were all working fine on wi-fi before then so it is not as though they are new and causing a problem. 


We lose connection several times a day , sometimes it comes back within a minute or two, but other times it refuses to let anyone connect until the hub has been restarted. From reading the postings we are not alone!!.. I am wondering wether there is anything BT can do about it. Not sure how much longer we have on our contract now but the temptation to go elsewhere is now very strong indeed 😞 

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

I'm a Hub3a user - any updates from bt for this hub would be appreciated - complained many times on this forum and all I see are disgruntled users who would like to see an end to the drop-out wifi problems besieging this hub. I previously thought that the hub 5 may be a solution but have seen many reports of poor performance with the hub.
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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

@Garydawson @rodleydragons 


please can you send over your details using the contact the mods link and I'll pass those details through to the Hub team. You'll find the "contact the Mods" link by clicking my username, please include the following info.


Telephone number:

Serial number of hub connected:

A few words describing your experience, (How often does this issue appear?, How long does it last?, have you found any workarounds?  What impact does it have on your connection?)


@vic1956 We believe that the issue is only affecting B versions of the hub so I would recommend you start your own thread as it is most likely interference causing the problems you are experiencing with your wireless signal.




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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?


I have already sent a message to the mod team but I will send another including my serial number. I have a version B hub so at least that could explain the problem if it is a known issue
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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

So this is the thread I've been looking for...


Same issue as many others, I pay an extortionate price to BT to ensure I have the fastest possible speeds in my area to allow me to work from home when needs be and have a good stable connection for online Racing.


Connected to the hub is one laptop (wireless), one Xbox 360 (was wireless, now wired as the wireless connection issue has caused many disconnects from online league races and similar), 2 HTC Android phone and a Kindle Fire HD. When the speed drops one of the HTC phones and the Kindle will simply not connect. The other HTC and the laptop will connect and soldier on with the less than 1.0Mbps my router has decided to give me, which means loading pages with any photos or videos take a ridiculous amount of time. Dial-up on a 56k modem kind of speeds is how it feels, page loads aren't measure in milliseconds but fractions of a minute. Opening you're talking 30-45s just to load the homepage.

A few times I have missed signoff deadline's and the like with work as I couldn't get connected, so had to wait 30 mins until the existing connection was killed and I could reconnect again.


Of course all of this is fixed with a reset which means phoning BT 'support' or 'customer service' is a complete waste of time as their very first step in their help documents appears to be to powercycle the equipment. Ggrrr.


I've completed my contract and am currently on a rolling one. I could go withy plusnet and get the same speeds for half the price so I'm at my wits end here. I would like to keep BT for the BT Sport (NBA Games live) if they could somehow fix this issue, but from everything I've read, the HH5 they'd likely send has its own numerous issues that BT hasn't bothered to address (as yet...)


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    92 ms   101 ms   103 ms  BTHomeHub.home []
  2  1357 ms   404 ms   618 ms
  3    26 ms   309 ms    98 ms
  4  2683 ms   101 ms   101 ms
  5     *      516 ms   203 ms
  6   129 ms   203 ms   203 ms
  7   127 ms   103 ms   202 ms [109.159.25
  8   118 ms   101 ms   102 ms [109.159.2
  9   130 ms   101 ms   101 ms [109.159.2
 10    30 ms   100 ms   102 ms
 11     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 12   302 ms   119 ms    45 ms []
 13   266 ms   306 ms     *
 14   313 ms   412 ms   306 ms []

Trace complete.



Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 255, Received = 252, Lost = 3 (1% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 25ms, Maximum = 821ms, Average = 165ms



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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Bt home hub 3b user.

Was experiencing the issues described by others above, since the config change to the hub the problem seems to have vanished and back to consistent full speed again.

Lesson learned is to not bother with calling bt since they seemed unaware of any issues and said they could do nothing. Whereas the assistance on here has been great with the problem seemingly solved 🙂
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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?


The configuration "fix" seems to have worked for me too so fingers crossed!  Fantastic assistance provided by the Mods including emails from Patrick B and a follow up call from Neil O. So glad I found this thread on the forum or would still be "going round in circles."Smiley Happy

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