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HH3 & WD MyBookWorld NAS - strange !!!

Just got my FTTP installed two days ago and changed everything over to HH3 with little problems, except for my WD MyBookWorld NAS Drive. 


My Setup:

iMac running 10.8.2 - connected to GiGE port 4

WD MyBookWord NAS - connected to port 2


What should happen is within finder two shares:


MyBookWorld (normal drive)

MyBookWord-Backup (Time Machine access)


For some reason MyBookWorld-Backup did not appear unless the HH3 was rebooted, then it appeared for 1min and then disappered and was not accessable.

This was driving my crazy and as I still had my old Broadband still active on the copper line, reconnected old D-Link (sky) router and cabled the iMac & MyBookWorld into that router, and as its been, both MyBookWorld and MyBookWorld-Backup appeared and stayed connected.

Disconnected everything and reconnected back to HH3 and still same problem.  Tried Rebooting HH3, Factory resetting MyBookWorld, even talked to BT Help & BT Tech Experts, no joy.  Tech Experts are sending me another HH3 to try.


Decided to leave it alone and check the other feature of the new BT account, like BT-Fon etc, so turned on my iMac WiFi and noticed that the MyBookDrive-Backup share appeared in finder, turn off WiFi on iMac and it goes.  Now you need to remember the WD MyBookWorld NAS does not have WiFi, so its not that.

The cable connecting the iMac to HH3 is via one supplied and plugged into GigE port, and cable connection is working fine for everything bar the share MyBookWorld-Backup.


No idea why simply turning on iMac WiFi has solve my issue and will try different cable/port iMac/HH3 when the TimeMachine backup completes, can't see it making a difference !!!


Thought I'd post this just in case other users are having similar issues, as the last thing you'd think of is tirning on WiFi on iMac to get a network drive to show a share 






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Re: HH3 & WD MyBookWorld NAS - strange !!!

Okay just an update.

Tried different network cable, different HH3 port, makes no difference.
Seems I can only have MyBookWorld-Backup share active in finder when I turn on WiFi on iMac

Love to know if anyone can tell why the share only maintains mount via WiFi and not cable.

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