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HH4 Belkin Extender 'Redirect Loop'



Just bought the HH4 to replace HH3. I now have problems with my Belkin range extenders.


Previously I've used two separate Belkin dual band wireless range extenders connected wirelessly to the HH3 so we could get wifi in rooms further away from the router. 


With our new HH4 I connected the two extenders without problem and got wifi internet and email access from the HH4 and both extenders.


However, we had to reboot the HH4 to connect our wifi HP printer.  Now we can connect to the extenders with mobile devices, but any webpage (via Chrome) says 'page had a redirect loop'. We can still access email via the extenders.


It's just the extenders -  all our mobile devices (ipad, iphone) and laptops work fine when connected wirelessly to the HH4 itself.


I've tried rebooting the HH4 again, and reconnecting the extenders. Running out of ideas now! Anyone able to advise?





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