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HH5 Wifi problems

Hi, my (very) old HH2 finally gave up the ghost and BT sent me a new HH5 to replace it. While it looks nice and takes up much less space, it seems to be much less reliable than the old router. I have noticed the following problems:

1. Occasionally, my private Wifi network simply disappears. Interestingly, when this happens, the public BTWifi-X and BTWifi-with-FON networks are still available and I can use them to access the internet. Their speed however seems capped at around 5MBps or so. (My connection is 40MBps.) The only solution when this happens is to reboot the router.

2. Sometimes, my iPad gets kicked off the private network for no apparent reason and cannot reconnect. (It appears to reconnect, then disconnects, reconnects, etc and eventually gives up.) Strangely enough, when this happened, it was still able to connect fine to the BTWifi-X network.


Here is some of the troubleshooting I did, but without much success:

1. Turned off the silly "Smart Setup".

2. Turned off the 5 GHz band completely since 2.4 GHz has better range and is much faster than the BB connection anyway.

3. Changed the channel from "Smart Wireless" to a fixed channel.


Anything else I could try? For what it's worth, this is a "Type A" hub, which others here also seem to have trouble with...

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Re: HH5 Wifi problems

You could have just left both networks and just split them. Many devices don't like the networks combined


have you split the networks   




Split the networks


 You can also change the lease time for wireless devices from default 1 day to 21 days

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Re: HH5 Wifi problems

Yes, I did also try splitting the 2.4 and 5 GHz networks, that doesn't make much difference. Good idea about increasing the DHCP lease time, thanks. It's been stable since I rebooted the router yesterday, let's hope these were just temporary flukes 😉

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