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HH5 port forwarding not working !!

I have recently moved to BT Infinity, all was good. Installed my Synology DS212 with its previous working configuration and it worked fine for several days (have all the logs)

The incoming backup started failing and upon investigation it appears that port 873 is no longer available. This has been established with ShieldsUP and

I have tested other ports shown as ok on the ShieldsUp report and they, such as port:6690 (Synology Cloud), work correctly when  entered into the hub via advanced settings.

There are no issues with Dynamic DNS. Each modification has been saved and to be sure I have rebooted the hub after each one.


Simply is this problem caused by:

The firmware update BT Home Hub 5 (Type A) | Software version | Last updated 18/04/14

A change in BT's port blocking policy.

Accidental blocking of ports by BT.

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Re: HH5 port forwarding not working !!

An update

Have since been in contact with a BT support supervisor after much wrangling with the first line support. Finally after much re iteration of the status and tests I had repeatedly done and tested I was informed that it was an update error that may be fixed in the future. However I was told that by implementing my own router I would be able to access the ports needed. Having now purchased a Draytek 2860n and set it up on a different broadband connection with the same equipment and tested it I moved it onto my BT Infinity, changed the connection and gateway to match and, yes you are there before me, the ports are no longer available. Not only are BT either blocking or 'throttling' the service ports they are too ashamed or ignorant to come clean.

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