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HH6 - Wi-fi dropping out on certain devices??

We just had our home hub 5 replaced after it was shown as faulty.. and have been sent the HH6.


Plugged it in today and all seemed fine (other than the speeds are slower but I assumed that will increase in a day or so)  We have 4 sons all with tablet/phone and 3 xbox ones all of which connected perfectly fine to the HH%... but the wi-fi is dropping out on some of the devices now we swapped to HH6??


Is there anything I need to change in it so it works on all devices??  I am sure i read somewhere about some devices using diferent settings??


I tried the online help with BT Customer services and they said it was "wireless interference" probably... however the device that is currently dropping out is literally 4 foot from the router.. with other devices upstairs working perfectly!!.. so that certainly can't be a case can it?!?!


Any help would be great... if not I will have to go back to the faulty HH5 .. which even when faulty seemed to work better than this one 😞  thanks

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Re: HH6 - Wi-fi dropping out on certain devices??

Make sure you turn off "smart setup" on the Homehub.

See link how to do that.

Some devices have a problem with the Homehub dual band having the same SSid (name). You should try splitting them.

See link

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