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Hard Drive connection- HELP

I am told by BT that I can not connect my hard drive to the router which is not an issue with Sky or Talk Talk routers. This now means I have no access to my 2TB of films and music which go through the router to the TV and Sonos systems.. Any clues of a solution out there?

Home Hub 3
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Re: Hard Drive connection- HELP

You should be able to plug your Hard drive into the USB port on the Homehub 3.


If it is not found on the network right away leave it for a while. The Homehub can be a bit slow at finding it.


Some other forum members have reported problems with hard drives on the homehub. Do a search of the forum to see what I mean. If you do have a problem post back exactly what it is and somebody may be able to suggest a solution.

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Re: Hard Drive connection- HELP

BT have never supported hard disks connected to any model of Home Hub.  That doesn't mean it won't work, but if your particular drive turns out to be incompatible with the Hub, then you're on your own.

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