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Having to restart my router when my wireless disconnects

Hi there,

posting here because when I've phoned the bt helpline I have to go through about 4 different people who I have to explain the same story to over and over again and the whole process takes around an hour to which i get told, sorry it's your equipment not the hub.......pffft Come on I 've read the same issue on this very forum so it's not!!!

Ok I have in my house 1 Macbookpro (wireless) 1 PC (ethernet) 2 x tablets (wireless) 1 xbox 360 (ethernet) 1 sky box (ethernet) and 1 sony smart tv (ethernet)


Right my issue is when I am using any of the wireless devices the wireless will randomly dissconnect. I then have to restart my home hub 2 so that the connection can then reconnect. It happens when i am surfing or trying to upload over the network from one of my devices to my PC which is hard wired. 


I have run the test using i stumbler and i am the only person on channel 7. Many of the other channels are in use and just to make sure I have tried every channel and it still does the same. I am restarting on average 4-5 times a day!!!!


So today I decide to run the speed test which has been posted on the forum.....guess what half way through the signal drop and disconnects! 


I have read the other posts from others with the same issue and have run through the suggestions on their aswell. Still the same!!!!


Please can someone from BT help me please it's so annoying and quite frankly I cannot go through the whole phone BT again. i don't have hours of my life repeating myself to get no where!!!!!

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Re: Having to restart my router when my wireless disconnects

Welcome to this forum.
This is a customer to customer forum only, where forum members, who are only BT customers, can help each other with BT Retail products and services.

Anything you post here does not go to BT. Although the forum is moderated by BT, not all posts are read.

The home hub 2 does have known issues.

Reported problems with the Home Hub 2.0


Quite often a factory reset will cure the problem,


Any speed tests must be done using an Ethernet connection, not wireless.

Use the BT Wholesale speed tester here

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