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Help IPv6 on Tp-Link AX3000, please?

Hi everyone.

I want to upgrade my router to get wifi6 and better wifi coverage in general. AX3000 is my router of choice. However I'm not sure I'll be able to get the IPv6 to work properly. I've tried a different TP-Link router in the past and PPPoE connection worked perfectly fine, everything worked fine except IPv6. I tried literally all the settings I could possibly find online, even using google's dns didn't work (actually made me loose any internet access).
I'm on a FTTP connection with big white BT fibre modem on the wall in my living room and BTSH2 connected to it.

So could anyone with a TP-Link router help me to get this working properly without using BTSH2 as an AP? Just want to be able to connect the new router directly to the fibre modem and get IPv6 to work properly.
Thanks in advance.

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