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Help - setup problems moving back from BT Infinity



I've just moved into a new place which has regular BT broadband.


My previous setup was working great on the BT infinity service -the gear was the BT Openreach Modem with a Netgear WDR3400 router (which replaced the BT HomeHub 3 as the wireless connection sucked).


In the new place I can't get the Netgear router to see the internet via the BT Modem - I've played around with a number of credentials/config settings on the router - on auto setup netgear complains the service is using a static IP.


The only way I've managed to get a connection is by plugging in the old homehub3 directly into the ADSL filter on the wall - and not using the modem.


My questions

- The netgear router relies on the modem - are there any settings on the Modem that I need to change? (is it remembering a setup unique to BT Infinity?)

- What should be the netgear settings - I've set it to PPPoe and followed the BT advice on pword credentials


Thanks, Howard


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Re: Help - setup problems moving back from BT Infinity

is the modem not vdsl for infinity as against adsl for adslmax/adsl2 broadband and the router needs the modem at it is just a router as used by cable conenctions.  That is why your conenction is ok when using the HH3 which does either vdsl or adsl


standard broadband is pppoA and infinity/cable is pppoE

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