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High Ping Spikes whilst Gaming via Ethernet Cable

We have recently upgraded to the BT Smart Hub 2 and the corresponding package which promises a strong internet connection around the household; We currently have 4 of the Wi-Fi discs set-up around our house. However, this new package has caused my gaming to become increasingly draining and downright boring as I have been constantly subjected to high ping spikes (<125ms). 

Before I was able to game over wi-fi and still have a consistent ping with very few lag spikes. Now regardless of when I play, either at 4pm or 4am, the ping spikes mean that playing these games is no longer fun. I have looked at other forums and the solutions they offer have been of no help to me. 

I have tried pinging different certain addresses(, etc) but I am not the most knowledgeable about this and so the jargon seems to be lost on me. I have attached the screenshots of when I ping these certain addresses and as you can see the ping is consistently spiking.

I really want this resolved ASAP as its becoming increasingly harder to reach my friends who I don't get to see every often. Any questions or solutions greatly received!!!

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