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High ping / latency

I am hoping somebody can help. I have BT Full Fibre 100 with Halo 3, my speed is fine. I have recently signed up for Sky Stream, viewed via a 'puck'. Unfortunately watching TV via this puck can sometimes be unwatchable as the picture keeps freezing, sometimes it stops altogether. Sometimes it is worse than others. Streaming directly on my TV through Netflix, Amazon app etc is fine. I assumed it was therefore an issue with the Sky Stream puck so I asked Sky for a new one. They obliged but the new puck is just the same. I called the Sky technical team who ran a few checks and said I have unusual broadband, in that I have large peaks in my ping latencies. ?I hope I have relayed this correctly. I used a ping checker online and it did showed that when my TV freezes, there is a large spike in my latencies. I called BT about this, they got me to run a speed check, said they ran their own checks and said everything is absolutely fine with my internet. I tried my Sky puck using my mobile as a wifi hotspot, and it worked perfectly so as far as I can see, this definitely pin points my BT broadband being the issue even though they are denying anything is wrong. I am therefore stuck! Any advice on how I can resolve this would be much appreciated.

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Re: High ping / latency

There's a lot of issues being reported by Sky Puck users and there is also lots of help available on their forums that should be able to help. I'd suggest looking through the Sky forums and see if you can find an answer there as most streaming issues seem to be configuration related.