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Home Hub 4: one Ethernet-connected device knocks the other one off



I have a problem which I hope that someone could help me with...


My Home Hub 4 has two devices connected by Ethernet.


The first is an NEC mobile signal booster device provided by Three. The second is a Belkin powerline unit, to which the other end is connected to my Sky box in order to access Sky on-demand.


It seems to be the case that when one device is switched on, it knocks the other one off. For example, when the home signal booster is switched on, it makes the Belkin device inaccessible to the Sky box (ie it thinks that there is "no broadband" going into the box).


The reverse is also true: resetting the Belkin for it to work with the Sky box stops the booster device from... er... boosting 🙂 - and that it's reporting that it's active (ie someone is making a call through it), which clearly isn't the case.


Does anyone have any ideas as to how it could be rectified, if at all...?


Thanks in advance,


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