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Home Hub 5 What phone can I use with it.

I got my HH5 internet is up and running fine. the phone that worked with talk talk down the stairs has no dial tone. Is this a BT issue I need them to address? or do I need a phone that connects to the hub? What one will?



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Re: Home Hub 5 What phone can I use with it.

can you check the phone at the test socket and see if that works  test socket.jpg


if it works then are there ant wires attached to the back of the bottom half you have taken off?

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Re: Home Hub 5 What phone can I use with it.

It should make no difference what phone(s) you use.


I will guess that you've had an engineer install of Infinity with a new master socket (rather than a self-install).  In that case, it sounds like they have managed to disconnect the extension as part of the install, and failed to re-connect it again.  The wires to the extension should come out at the back of the master socket, and just need re-connecting to the faceplate of the master socket.  If that wasn't the case, then it may be that the extension socket was wired wrongly by whoever installed it, and the engineer disconnected it because otherwise it would have interfered with the broadband.


Edit: If I'm right, the phone should work fine when plugged into the master socket, and only have a problem in the extension socket.

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