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Home Hub 5 dies after a couple of months...

Well that didn't last very long... Had the HH5 for a few months: nothing special and it's still got that stupid portforwarding bug, but it's been fairly reliable compared to the old HH3. Until today...


First thing we noticed was the phoneline was dead, then that we had no internet. After scratching my head for 10 minutes we fixed the phone by simply unplugging the HH5 from the network... Looks like the modem in the HH5 has fried somehow? Plug the HH5 back in how it's been for months (direct connection from WAN port on hub to socket on wall), phoneline dies and we have no internet... Unplug the HH5 phoneline comes back on and we still have no internet (obviously). Tried 3 different leads including a brand new one, so it's not a cable fault.


We've been using the HH5 on it's own since we got it, but today we've had to dust off the old Open Reach modem to get a working internet connection (oddly enough using the WAN port on the HH5 with the OR modem seems to work ok for now).


Time for another replacement hub????? Again???? So soon??????? Getting real sick of this now 😞

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Re: Home Hub 5 dies after a couple of months...

DSL port... DSL! Not that it matters, doesn't work either way...

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