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Home Hub 5A struggling to cope with multiple WiFi connections

I have a BT Home Hub 5A on an 80/20 Infinity package. Line is generally rock solid, max data rates are 27689 / 126371. But recently I've been rolling out multiple WiFi devices in the house: four Echo Dots, smart TV, 2x Fire TV sticks, HUE lightbulbs, Sky Q + mini, plus there's two iPhones, two iPads, etc. And I think my HH5 is unable to cope with so many WiFi connections, even though I've split the 2.4/5Ghz frequencies and tried to balance the load between the two.

Basically, the devices will randomly lose connectivity and appear "dead". Even the hard-wired PCs sometimes struggle to maintain a constant internet stream. Right now I have 15 devices connected via WiFi - obviously they're not all using bandwidth at the same time, but they show up on the HH5 router page as being connected.

I've even tried a replacement HH5 and it's no different - I'm having exactly the same problems. I'm guessing 15 connections (with more to come) is way too much for a HH5? Am I best off buying a third-party VDSL router?

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Re: Home Hub 5A struggling to cope with multiple WiFi connections

Welcome to this user forum.

This seems a common issue with all of the home hubs, where they run out of internal connections, as old ones do not get cleared unless you do a factory reset of the home hub.

Third party router do not seem to suffer from this "feature"

Here are a couple to consider.

TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Dual Band VDSL/ADSL about £67

If you only want single band 2.4GHz  wireless, then this one.

The TP-Link TD-W9970 for about £40 or less.

They both work will all BT services, including BT YouView.

My daughter uses the single band one, as 5GHz does not pass through solid walls very well.

She has 32 devices connected.

Examples Google-Home-Mini, XboxOne, Philips-hue, two Now TV boxes, Chromecast, three iPhones, BT YouView, LG Smart TV, Nintendo Wii, three Apple watches, four laptops, Canon printer, and many others.

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