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Home Hub kicking devices off network

Me and my partner have just moved back in with my parents, and have therefore bought several devices with us which are connected to the WiFi.

We are getting an intermittent issue where a device gets booted off the network, and won't connect at all, even after restarting both the device and the Home Hub. My Huawei P20 actually came up with the error message "network full" after forgetting the network and trying to reconnect. My dad disconnected his work phone and I got on. 

How do we stop this happening? I've logged in to the Home Hub settings and refreshed the device list, as it was an endless list of all the devices we've ever owned (from when I lived here the first time!)- obviously they weren't all connected but I wondered if that was affecting it somehow. I don't know if that'll make any difference? 

I'm looking at the settings currently and there are 10 devices connected, and I'm not having any issues. Is there some kind of limit I don't know about? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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