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Home Hub router question (PS4)

I own a bthh5 and I have my PS4 plugged via cable,I have set my PS4 in a DMZ and the PS4 s connection is marked as may type 2,a while ago I checked the router settings and it says that no port forwarding rules had been set for  the PS4,where before the device menu it would automatically detect this if an app had one and the little sheild would be shown,now I have to manually refresh the router for it to show the port forwarding rule  again.

Can anyone in the know please state if the port forwarding option is that important or if as im on Nay type 2:then all's fine?

Apologies for the nerdiest question ever lol

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Re: Home Hub router question (PS4)

PS has a odd way of doing NAT Type 2 as far as i know its the most common, i'v never seen anyone with a type 1 on PS 
any ways 

type 2 is just fine. hope this helps. 

if you still get a type 2 without DMZ and no forwarding i recommend that, 
Speed on PSN will always be slow as i ( think ) PSN actully lower people speed, you could have 1Gigabit and PSN will still cap you at like 110mb/s on download and like 5-6mb/s upload. 

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