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Home hub 3 Wifi


I have my second homehub 3 as my previous one kept on rebooting. This one doesn't reboot, however, almost every day I get a spell where the wifi signal drops, my devices all lose the connection and start moving onto "Wifi with fon" and then the wireless signal comes back. The wifi light on the home hub actually switches off for a second or 2 and comes back on.

I spoke to support who told me to change channel and adapter settings which I had already done to be honest but it is still the same. My broadband speed and connection is fine, fast and reliable but this wifi issue is driving me crazy.

BT say that as I am out of contract, the best thing to do would be to re contract and then I would get a home hub 5. I feel that this is not an acceptable solution as I could quite conceivably be stuck in this situation for another year if I do this.


Has anyone experienced this before/have any ideas?




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Re: Home hub 3 Wifi

If you don't want to re-contract, just buy any cheap router from your favourite supplier.

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Re: Home hub 3 Wifi

By being 'out of contract' you are actually in a rolling monthly contract where you can leave at 30 days notice less if you use mac code but you are paying the full market rate for your package - any special deal has ceased.  By starting a new contract you could negotiate a deal and probably save money - up to you

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