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Home hub 3 manager password change.

I have searched the site for this subject but found nothing that matched my problem.


Recieved my hub today and had no problems getting onto the net. As I have no wireless on my PC I connect my hub via an eithernet cable.


As my laptop does not support the factory settings of WPA2 I need to change the settings to WEP via the Home hub settings. (bthomehub/home)


I am now faced with the following page.

Home hub.JPG


I have placed the admin password which is on the pull out tab on my hub and consists of 8 letters and numbers into the admin password box. I have placed a new password in the next two box's and pressed the "change password and open BT hub manager. This I did and the next view showed me some router settings but not the security ones. I clicked on the settings tab at the top of the page and was again shown the picture above.


Surely if I had changed my password and got into the router manager, why does it keep asking me to change my password??


Previous routers ask for a username followed by a password, this does not even get this far.


Can anyone help please?


Thank you.

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Re: Home hub 3 manager password change.

Just had a google around and found out that this hub does not always play ball with a FireFox browser.


Used Internet Explorer and it worked perfect - how strange????


There must be a way to view this properly in FF surely - anyone else had the same problem?


Happy New Year to you all.



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Re: Home hub 3 manager password change.

[ Edited ]

Glad you solved the logging in... Smiley Happy


However I wouldn't stay with WEP as that is a very easy to crack OLD wireless encryption.


If you have a spare USB socket you could consider using a wireless adapter.


I use this Edimax wireless n type. in my laptop.. and "Supports 64/128-bit WEP, WPA , WPA2 encryption


The mini size only sticks out a little a sample price HERE.


There is a Nano version spec HERE.


However the larger version   imho would stick out of a laptop too much and is more suitable for a PC.


I have them running in two laptops running vista and win 7 and a third older laptop running XP.


There are many other manufacturers of USB wireless adapters.


Just in case you thought you were stuck with WEP.

Please Click On any Text in Blue as that automatically links to information.


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Re: Home hub 3 manager password change.

Thank you PC for your reply and it is very much appreciated.


I will look into these adaptors at a later stage.


I am happy with the WEP for the moment as I live in a village and the laptop is not running all the time. It is only when the main PC is being used and I want to go online is the laptop used.


The Wii is also used via this set up.


Many thanks again for your help.