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Homeplug/network problem and questions...HELP please!

Apologies in advance for the following ramble!


To set the scene. Been on Sky normal broadband for last few years, 20MB solid connection. My home has a lot of gadgets in it - 2 PC's, 2 laptops, 2 PS4s, 2 PS3's, iPads, internet connected TV's,NAS drive, WDTV media boxes get the idea.


Everything worked perfectly, whole house was connected up with 8x home plugs so everyone had wired connections where needed, only iPads and phones were wireless.


About a month ago I changed all home plugs over from old Solwise 200Mpbs to new Solwise 1200Mbps. Saw a small performance boost in network performance in transferring files to NAS as well as newsgroup download speeds taking a little jump. All good, everything worked.


Moved to BT Infinity 2 on Thursday. Am aware of "training periods" etc. First thing I did when came home on Thursday was to do a speedtest on Ookla. Was getting about 23Mbps. Fine so far. HH5 told me I was connected about 27,000kbps. Note at this point it was connected to a telephone point which was not master socket.


Thursday late evening connection started dropping every time I tried to do anything - download, speedtest, even got to browsing web pages. HH5 would go blinking orange and then orange and then back to blue.


Friday it was still doing so and the few times I could run a speedtest without it dropping, I was getting 1Mbps download speeds, upload was however solid at about 8-9Mbps. All through this time, as long as HH5 was connected and I wasnt trying to do anything on internet, wireless was fine, could game on PS4's etc no problems.


Made a phone call and turned out there was a fault on my line. 


Saturday morning engineer turned up and confirmed line problems. However he moved HH5 to master socket (not ideal giving location but would be happy with a solid connection and work around placement of it), he installed a new face plate, redid some wiring inside it etc.


Once he had finished I was/am connected at 57,500kbps down and 14,500kbps up. Happy with that.


However my PC and PS4, still on homeplug wired connections were STILL giving me about 1-1.5Mbps download, up was about 8-9Mbps. No idea why?? PS4 the same on wired connection (via homeplug), its faster wirelessly. Meanwhile iPad was showing about 40Mbps down on same speedtest site.


Went out and bought a Netgear N600 wifi dongle, plugged into main PC.....problem fixed....just under 50Mbps down and 13.7Mbps up. 


So at the moment my connection is stable. My download speeds on wireless on main PC are great, my PS's are working well wirelessly.


However being someone who likes to know WHY something occurs the homeplug issue is still bothering me. Does anyone know why a homeplug network, which worked perfectly well on Sky and seems to work fine on the upload will be restricting my download speeds so much?


My other worry/concern is that I am now going to have a mixture of PS's and PC's and iPads all on wireless....will it get a bit congested if we (me 3x sons, 1x wife) are all on at same time even with connection I have.


Ideally I would still like to wire what I could - PS's, PC's etc and leave wireless to wireless devices.....



Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions etc, its really bugging at me why only download speeds on wired devices has been affected on a network that was previously rock solid and saw no issues with them?


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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Homeplug/network problem and questions...HELP please!

have you turned of smart setup  




Turn Off smart setup




have you split the networks   




Split the networks



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Re: Homeplug/network problem and questions...HELP please!

Hi there,


Yes, turned off Smart Setup at start of set up on Thursday night.


I will keep the link for splitting the networks if I feel things are getting too congested wirelessly with all my devies, thank you.


Do you have any suggestions on the homeplug download speeds?

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