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How I manage to keep my BT Smarthub a functioning useable piece of kit, yay!

As we all know by now the Smarthub is anything but smart and likes to frequently die for no apparent reason in an unpredictably random number of ways.  Sometimes you'll have a solid blue light but no data being transferred, sometimes it will go orange even though there are no area faults, sometimes the SSID's show up but you cannot connect to them anymore, and sometimes it will flash purple because......well its a nice colour.


Anyway, I can only imagine for the non tech savvy out there that this product must be a bit of a nightmare, and I would imagine many get returned and replaced when in fact they could have been sorted.  All the while the replacement continues to behave in much the same way after a week or so of use, meaning the whole replacement and lack of service was a complete waste of time.


Heres the best way (I have found) to keep it all running (kind of) smoothly:


1)  When you first set up the router and you have configured all of its internal settings to your liking (things like splitting the SSID's, re-naming wireless devices etc) go to its internal page via a browser and navigate to Advanced Settings > System > Enter the password > Backup/Restore > and click Backup.  From here you can save your settings as a little config file somewhere safe on your computer.


2)  That special day WILL come when the router decides to have some kind of electronic stroke and no longer behave as it was intended.  BEFORE you call tech support, and after you have done the usual (very lengthy) reboots, connect up another pre-configured router (like your old working Home Hub - if you have one) and confirm that the internet itself is working.  If so, go to step 3.


3)  Connect your Smart Hub via ethernet to a computer and see if you can access its internal page, very often you cant due to the electronic stroke mentioned above.  Keep it connected via ethernet and pinhole reset the Smarthub by holding it in for 30 seconds.  In the past tech support have got this wrong and tell people a couple/few seconds which does nothing.  Wait for the router to reboot which as we know takes the full lifetime of a snail.  It will eventually flash purple if you have had to move it to connect it to the computer and the telephone cable is no longer connected, or orange/blue otherwise.


4)  Once again, and still connected via ethernet, try to access the internal page via your computers browser.  Dont be dishartened if you cant access it straight away, this is a Smarthub remember?  Keep trying it and eventually it will get there! Bear in mind all of your previous settings are GONE and your Smarthub is like a newborn baby again with no evidence of its previous tragic, barely fit for purpose, confused state.


5)  Now browse to the same place you saved a backup of your settings and hit the 'Browse' button under the 'Restore' heading.  Navigate to your backup file and chose it.  The router will update itself with your previous pre-configured settings and reboot.  Again after another small lifetime the router will have managed to get itself back into a working state with a blue light and will be ready for the kind of impressive action (honest) you see in the BT adverts staring Ryan Reynolds.  All your previously saved settings will be back so you dont have to waste any more of your life reconfiguring something that broke for no reason.


6)  Sit back, enjoy, and surf the web until your heart's content!  You now have another aprox 1-2 months before you need to carry out this process again, happy surfing, or snapchatting, or whatever it is you kids get up to these days!


Many people on this forum will have their own methods (including presumably smashing it to bits) but after a lot of cursing I have found this method to work every time, regardless of what state its managed to get itself into.