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How can I escalate a complaint ?



We switched to BT Broadband two weeks ago (possibly one of the worst decisions of my life).  We have had no service since then.  Without boring everyone, the fault was incorrectly diagnosed as a faulty hub, a replacement was sent, still no joy, then informed that there was a fault with the line - engineer booked but no show - finally came this week and said that there needed to be a new port ordered for our exchange which he did, from BT retail.


I rang for an update this morning, but it is like banging my head against a wall with the scripted responses -  evidently they are going to monitor our line for 6 hours and ring us tomorrow!!! attempts to complain are just fobbed off -  I just want to know when we can expect the part to be fitted in the exchange - can anyone advise how I can get a straight answer???  My husband and I both work from home and it is putting our employment at risk.


Many thanks




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Re: How can I escalate a complaint ?

only people on forum that can help are the mods who are bt employees  they will post a contact us link.  if you rely on a residential line for working purposes maybe you should consider a business line with a better SLA in case of problems 

contact mods.jpg

After completing the email NOT PM then you join a queue of other customers waiting for mod help. The mods will get back to you in 3/5 working days either by phone or email

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Re: How can I escalate a complaint ?

Hi charter62, 


Thanks for your post. 


I am so sorry to hear about the delay in getting your services activated. This sounds like a nightmare for you. 


Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile and I will be in touch to help. 




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