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How should I connect cordless DECT telephone to an ADSL Microfilter?

Seems a simple question, but I cannot find a simple answer online anywhere. Our broadband occasionally drops when we make/receive phone calls.

I have microfilters on all sockets: Master Socket, which only has the broadband router plugged in; Socket 2 which only has a corded telephone plugged in, and; Socket 3 (the problematic one) which has only a DECT Cordless phone base station plugged in.

My problem is that the cable for the DECT cordless phone does not have a 'Telephone connector' with a side mounted hook, but rather has a modular connector, with a bottom mounted hook.  On the Microfilter this cable will, therefore, only plug into the ADSL socket, rather than the phone socket.  I don't believe that it would make sense to plug the phone into the ADSL socket, as this would presumably defeat the point of the microfilter.

Do I need an adaptor, to convert the modular connector to a telephone connector?  Do I need a different microfilter?  Crazy question: can I plug modular phone cable into ADSL of a microfilter, and then plug that microfilter into the 'phone' socket of a second microfilter, and plug that into the wall socket?  I fear that filtering to phone, and then to ADSL, would ultimately filter out everything (i.e. not work at all?)?

Sorry if this has been answered before, but I have googled every combination of relevant words and phrases, and simply cannot find an answer!

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Re: How should I connect cordless DECT telephone to an ADSL Microfilter?

Odd that it doesn't have a lead with a phone connector. You need an RJ11 socket to phone plug adaptor and then plug into filter as normal.

UK/US Adaptor to Convert a US RJ11 Plug into a UK BT Plug

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