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How to fix BT HH6 filtering ICMPv6 messages?

Hi all,
A few months ago I discovered some websites I had been using for ages were no longer displaying/loading properly on my iMac.  These same websites were also behaving in the same way when using an Android mobile and an iPad at home over our wireless network (BT fibre).  
I did find that if I went out and used 4g on my phone, I could load these sites properly.  I assumed it was the websites at fault and logged calls with them - none of them could help!  
Over the last few days I have looked online at the setup of our BT home hub 6 to see if there was anything different, and found our firmware had been updated in May 2019 and we were now IPv6!  
I then checked on and found out that some of the websites I was regularly using that I couldn't load properly when at home, were IPv6 ready.  I also established that we had IPv4 and IPv6 at home on the HHB 6.  Well that's great I thought, but why aren't the websites viewing properly if both the hub and the end websites are shown to both be using IPv6?   
I then tried a VPN on my iPad and magically the websites that had not been working, were now working.  So using VPN on my iPad allows me to fully load websites that are using IPv6 although the HHB 6 uses IPv6.  
I then went back on my ipad to for more info and found that the reason I cannot display these websites properly is because, to quote, "the router or firewall is filtering ICMPv6 messages sent to the computer.  An IPv6 host that cannot receive ICMP messages may encounter problems like some web pages loading partially or not at all".    
I don't have a VPN on the mac at the moment since the last one I was using started charging!
So is there a way to change settings on the Home Hub 6?  Or is it something I need to change in Apple Mac firewall settings.  Would appreciate some direction on this.

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