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Hub drops some Laptops and Mobile Devices but not others.

I have, like many others, having an absolute nightmare with the 'smart'hub 6. I have tried every possible fix/fudge/setting I can think of and any improvement is always temporary before its normal service (or lack of) resumes.

Recently my 2 Lenovo B40 laptops have been losing connection to the Internet while still connected to wireless and a couple of Sony Z3s have been doing likewise. Earlier I thought I would troubleshoot further and hardwire up one of the laptops to the router. On connecting via cable I saw that despite being connected to the network now it was still unable to connect to the internet and a reboot was required to go any further. I checked with the second laptop and ditto.


This now has me wondering if the apparant random dropping of wireless devices is not exactly random and if I may have stumbled on the cause of the problem. I run all my wired connections via a managed switch and anything connected to the switch has not had any issues whatsoever. It only seems to be anything directly connected, wired or wirelessly to the router. 


This has me wondering if the route is sending out corrupted packets to connected devices which could be causing some of the devices, drivers to crash forcing a reboot to sort out the problem. 


Does anyone have any thoughts, could this information be passed on to the technical team?





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