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Huge Drop In Speed Over WiFi But No New Interfering Tech

I have been using a homehub 3 on infinity 2 for about 5 months now and have had upwards and over 40mbps download over the WiFi. About a month ago the speed began to drop until it reached just 10Mbps. I contacted BT who said they found and then fixed a line fault, no change. I phoned again, this time they decided to send out a replacement hub. This arrived the next day and I installed it. I gave it a few days to stabilise but it still sent out only between 10-20Mbps. So I called again. This time I was asked to directly connect to the router, which gave me the correct speeds of 35Mbps, but doing the same test with the same laptop right beside the router wirelessly gave me 10Mbps again. The BT support then said it was interference and politely ended the call :(. This I cannot accept as moving the hub around does not change the wireless speed and there has been no new 'interfering' tech installed in the house around when the speed dropeped. Can anyone help?

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Re: Huge Drop In Speed Over WiFi But No New Interfering Tech

try downloading insidder and use it to find a clear wireless channel the interference could be coming from a neighbours router it does not have to be in your home
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