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Hybrid Connect slow speeds

Hi everyone,

My old Hybrid Connect started having problems recently so BT sent me a replacement. It immediately worked and connected me to 4G when the old one no longer would, but its speeds are much slower than the old one.

The old one had a BT logo in the centre, and would easily achieve the maximum 30Mb download and 5Mb upload speeds with 2 bars of signal in multiple places in my house (around 90dBm signal strength). The new Hybrid has an EE logo in the centre, and when placed in exactly the same spot with the same signal strength, it only gets 3-6Mb download and around 1-2Mb upload.

No matter where I move it to this does increase. Throughout the day & night the speeds stay the same. I've not seen anything over 7Mb since using the new device, which I've now had for over 2 weeks.

Could anyone offer any advice on what I should do to get my old speeds back?


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