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Hybrid Device constantly rebooting and not connecting

Upgraded to Halo 3 and received the Hybrid device and wifi disk today.  Disk works fine. The hybrid device however is behaving oddly.  It keeps rebooting -have left it connected to the SH2 via ethernet at the moment, it cycles from green to flashing blue then solid blue then just keeps doing that.  It never shows more than one signal bar for EE either which is odd as I have a mini mifi device which is on EE and the signal is good in the same area.

I did try moving the hybrid device near a window but it flashes red and never changes from the one signal bar when I do that no matter where itnis placed incthe house.

Is it faulty perhaps?   The BT app is also a bit useless with the Hybrid decice and simply doesn’t recognise any signal from it even when I am next to it so thinking likely faulty? 

Beginning to think I shouldn’t have retired my old Asus 66U after all but thought the upgrade from ordinary Halo would be good as our wifi in an old Victorian house was patchy - the disks seem to help a lot but the Hybrid device has been not great so far………any advice or should I contact customer services to try to get a replacement sent out?  

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Re: Hybrid Device constantly rebooting and not connecting

Hi @CondorX51, welcome back and sorry that you are having a problem with the hybrid device.

It does sound like the unit could be faulty. Have you spoken with customer services yet? and if so are then sending a replacement unit?



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Re: Hybrid Device constantly rebooting and not connecting

I thought I would let it settle a bit and it has - now seems to stay on blue. But only one signal bar- doesn’t matter where I place it in the house.  My EE mifi unit gets a decent enough signal so I do wonder if this unit is not quite right. If I disconnect from the smart hub and place it near a window, it won’t connect to the hub and the light goes red. 
customer services sending 2 more discs -thought I would set them up and get a better wifi signal  throughout the house and try again. 

Disks due to arrive  tomorrow so here’s hoping! 

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