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Hybrid connect time to reconnect

Hi everyone,

Hybrid connects well when broadband drops,no problem there,usually overnight.Looking at the resilience events log on the router the hybrid connect often is connected for less than 15 minutes but it takes 3,4,5 hours for the network uptime to start working.Can anyone explain this?Is there a problem somewhere.If this happened during the day would we have no internet for hours?

Many thanks


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Re: Hybrid connect time to reconnect

Hello @hammerjeff67  thank you for your post today 😀

Just so I can under this just a little bit more, am I right in thinking your router goes down and your hybrid connect keeps you connected?

The connect should only work if the router goes down and if your router is going down everyday this needs to be investigated.


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Re: Hybrid connect time to reconnect

Hi @FIZZYLP @really sorry for the very late reply,been abroad,should have explained it more clearly.Whenever there is a loss of broadband hybrid connect kicks in and does its job very well.However when the router homepage shows broadband has reconnected the Smarthub2 stays purple and the hybrid connect carries on being the main connection for up to 4 hours,on occasions 6 hours.I thought the switchback time was minutes,certainly not 6 hours.

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