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Infinity Hub Range

I changed to BT Infinity in April this year, the speed is great but the coverage i.e. Signal Distance from the Hub is very poor. The house is a typical 3 bed semi with the hub at the front door. Connection at the back of the house is hit and miss, including upstairs.

My old wireless router was great I could pick it up in the garden. 

Have I got a duff Hub or is this normal for the infinity Hubs, its getting very frustrating.

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Re: Infinity Hub Range

Hi Charles55,


Welcome and thanks for posting. Have you tried changing channels?


Let me know if that helps.






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Re: Infinity Hub Range

There is also some additional help on this page.

Wireless connection problems

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Re: Infinity Hub Range

In my experience the 5gb frequency is useless unless you are within about 8 metres of the home hub. But the 2.4 is not good. I have the HH4 situated about 2 metres high right in the centre of the house and yet my son has severe problems connecting from ihis bedroom on the 1st floor and my outdoor IP cam very often looses contact with the router (even with a very large antenna). The IP cam software displays a list of available wireless routers and my HH4 comes about 10 or worse on the list.

I think BT and others are suffering from the success of wireless - there are just too many competing routers - many of which have auto channel selection so continuously battling against each other. You can download a free app for you android wifi analyzer and if your area is anything like mine you will see at least 10 maybe 20 competing networks. If you change to a less busy channel you will find others failry quickly follow onto the same channel. We need slimmer wifi channels so that more can fit into the available bandwidth or else we will all be installing more and more powerful wifi extenders - all fighting against each other. 

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